“Best Price, Smart Choice, and you get the STAR Treatment!”

One Man, One Dream, One Detroit.

When you hear the name Hoot McInerney, you think ‘Detroit.’ Much more than can-do spirit, much more than just the nebulous idea of the American Dream, Hoot McInerney was the essence of what made Detroit the greatest city in America.

At Star Lincoln, we were built by a legend and use all of Mr. McInerney’s customer service philosophies to this day. That’s how we came up with the idea of The Star Treatment.

Every customer, no matter their needs or budget, will get treated with the respect they deserve at Star Lincoln.

If you want the Star Treatment, come on out to Star Lincoln. And if you haven’t heard of Hoot McInerney, we’d be happy to tell you a few stories.

After all, Hoot Mcinnerney is a legend around these parts for a reason.

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